Golden Squares Go Launcher



GOLDEN SQUARES is GO Launcher EX theme, vividly crafted to effect some good changes on your android phones and tablets. The shade of gold orange and yellow carefully mixed with black to give a total color harmony.You find it real amazing as to be seen in the original golden abstract wallpapers I self-designed. This has no childish look or effeminate look. This is appropriate to all android phone holders!
This is a premium theme with a very minimal fee, though the total experience wont disappoint you as well. I made this theme with all elements matching with each other.
What makes this theme exclusively special once again are the 5 high definition golden wallpapers totally designed to match the icons. Furthermore, the theme really looks elegant, tested both in phone and tablet
The iconsa re amounting to hundreds including the icons main. icon plugin and icons more
Finally you will surely enjoy the folder and application interface..
1. 5 HD golden/black abstract wallpapers and more be added soon
2. new folder and appdrawer interface
3. 100+ golden black icons
4. 5 base icons
5. all elements are totally skinned

GO launcher theme is only available for phones with GO Launcher EX installed.
Click here to install GO Launcher EX!

– Directly open the theme after successful installation.
– Or back to Menu -Theme – choose a theme – apply theme.

-Open the main screen
-Tap the screen
-Click “Wallapapers”
-Select “Go Wallpapers”
-Scroll to the right end
-Choose one of the wallpapers
-Click to apply


download at Google Play

About jolansky

a graphics designer, theme maker and a dj,, works as a design challenge manager at
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